X Factor inconsistent with its stance on drugs

Posted on November 14th, 2011

The X Factor has created headlines again, this time over a young person taking drugs.  Contestant Frankie Cocozza was ‘booted off’ the show due to allegedly taking cocaine and sleeping with young female fans. The comment from the show was that Frankie had broken one of the ‘golden rules’.

Initially the actions of the show’s management team seem appropriate until you look further into the ‘morals’ of this entertainment programme.  Did Frankie not audition in front of Robbie Williams, guest of one of the judges and an adult with a history of addiction?  This is not the first appearance of Robbie Williams; he was included in previous years in a line-up of stars including George Michael to sing with young adults of a similar age to Frankie.

The X Factor seemed to have no problem with George Michael, a known user of Cannabis singing with one young hopeful in one show.   The show did not apply its ‘golden rule’ to George Michael or indeed Mark Owen. The latter who had highly publicised problems related to alcohol misuse.  Maybe the X Factor realised that Frankie would not reach the level of these performers who have all used either alcohol or drugs and therefore he was ‘expendable’.

Take a look at the music X Factor hopefuls are asked to sing.  There have been several X Factor series where they have been asked to sing Elton John songs.  Another man who has had well publicised problems with substance misuse yet is positively embraced by the X Factor.

Another ‘star’ whose music is chosen to be sung on X Factor is Michael Jackson.  The resent death of Michael Jackson and subsequent trial of Conrad Murray has made it plainly clear that this father of three children was addicted to drugs – a drug addict.  The X Factor show’s biggest boy band JLS recently played at the Michael Jackson tribute concert.  All of these actions seem to ignore the fact that Michael Jackson’s involvement in drugs has left three children without a father.

If Frankie Cocozza goes on to become successful there is no doubt that the X Factor will welcome him back and that him breaking the ‘golden rule’ will be forgotten about and I will have confirmation that the X Factor has double standards regarding its stance on drug use.

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