Rihanna supporting Chris Brown in Court

Posted on February 12th, 2013

Chris Brown was sentenced to do community service as part of his probation after beating Rihanna in 2009.

The Court has recently accused Chris Brown of faking over 200 hours of his community service and Rihanna accompanied Chris to the hearing and has said its ridiculous how he (Chris Brown) is being treated.

During some of our assessment work at Avocet we come across many young women who are victims of domestic violence.  Many of whom will follow celebrity gossip and look to celebrities as role models, role models such as Rihanna.

Independent Social Workers try to convince young women that domestic violence isn’t right, whether it is verbal, mental or physical.  But how can they convey this message if the young women’s role model is someone like Rihanna, a celebrity figure publicly supporting their abuser in court directly relating to a case that is for the abuse they received.

Rihanna is thought to not only be supporting Chris Brown in Court, but to also be in a relationship with him. This puts across a message, not only to young girls but to men also, that domestic violence is OK.

What young women should know, is that what Chris Brown did to Rihanna was an act of violence. As hard as it may be for women to sever their feelings for the men that do this, they must learn or be taught that what these men do to them is not acceptable behaviour for a person to do to another person, let alone someone with whom they are in a relationship with. They must gain the skills necessary to reconcile in their mind that a person who truly loves them would not want to behave like that toward them and that they are the only ones who can demand how they are to be treated by men.


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