Social Workers attempt to identify Romanian working children

Posted on October 26th, 2010

Social Workers in Worcestershire were drafted in by West Mercia Police last night to try to identify children found working in a field yesterday.

The seven children were found picking spring onions in a field in freezing conditions.  The children had not been given appropriate clothing for the cold temperatures, and were being transported to the farm in the back of a truck.

Six of the children were still in care last night while Social Workers try to ascertain how the individuals are linked.  The operation, which was instigated by West Mercia Police and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA), found five boys and two girls at the scene, as well as a small group of Indian workers.

This is the first time the GLA has found children working in fields in Britain.  There have been no arrests as yet, but two men are reported to have escaped from the police after they attempted to detain them.

In the UK, there is a minimum working age of 14, and the hours that they work are strictly limited to school holidays and weekends.  Under-16s are not covered by the national minimum wage.


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