Is there a route into Social Work without a degree?

Posted on May 27th, 2010

An article in the postgraduate queries section of The Independent has received some attention from the Community Care Blog this week. The article focuses on a question from a graduate interested in a career in Social Work.

The graduate asked, “I will be finishing a BA in public service management in December, and would like to go in to Social Work, but I have been told a Masters Degree is the only way. Is this right? Or does my (relevant) degree give me a shortcut?”

The Independent’s answer is quite succinct, and offers some helpful advice for anyone wanting to enter in to Social Work, but one phrase is picked up by the Community Care Blog. The Independent’s answer includes the statement, “The only way to circumvent this process is to secure a role as a trainee Social Worker, in which case you will be seconded to a relevant course and will be earning a reasonable salary.” The Community Care Blog’s concern about this statement was the suggestion that you could ‘circumvent’ the need to obtain a relevant degree in Social Work to practice as a Social Worker.

Whilst the answer is not wrong, they could have avoided any confusion by adding a little more detail to the answer. The Community Care Blog fleshes out the answer a little by suggesting that it would be possible to follow the NVQ in Health and Social Care route. Through this, you could complete the registered manager’s award, enabling you to manage a service in the Social Care sector.

The Independent does confirm that you are required to complete either an undergraduate qualification, or a Masters in Social Work to practice as a Social Worker, but perhaps should have stated that this is now a requirement to be able to register as a Social Worker with the General Social Care Council.

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Independent Social Work Opportunities for a Social Work Team Manager

Posted on January 11th, 2010

Yesterday, SocietyGuardian posted an article in their ‘What Else Can I Do?’ section that caught my eye.  The article centred around Lucy, a 32 year old Social Work Team Manager.  Lucy is looking for a fresh challenge, and contacted SocietyGuardian for ideas on her next Social Work career move.

Lucy currently works for the Connexions service, and SocietyGuardian came up with 5 suggestions for Lucy to look into.  These ranged from becoming a parenting expert for the youth offending service, a project coordinator for Connexions or working with  a local council to develop their ‘Neets’ policies, to working for a not-for-profit organisation or local education service.

Interestingly the first suggestion (Youth Offending Service) picked up on Lucy’s ability with parenting assessments and court reports.  Skills in such assessments can open up opportunities as an Independent Social Worker with Avocet.

Lucy could join Avocet’s Independent Social Worker Directory, to search for the latest Independent Social Work Jobs that Avocet have to offer.

If you find yourself in a position similar to Lucy, and want to make a change for 2010, then contact Avocet Independent Social Workers to become a member of our Independent Social Worker Directory!


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Now it’s even easier to find an Avocet Independent Social Worker

Posted on December 15th, 2009

Avocet’s Independent Social Worker Directory has undergone some subtle changes over the past few weeks, making it easier and quicker for people to find Independent Social Workers and Social Work Jobs alike.

Now on registering, you will be offered the option of becoming a member or a client of Avocet.  Member registration will, subject to approval, give you the benefits of applying for Social Work Jobs across the UK.  Registering as a member of Avocet can open up new opportunities for experienced, child focused Independent Social Workers.  Our unique match maker approval system ensures that we offer you the jobs that best match your skills!

Registering as a client of Avocet can give you extra peace of mind when hiring an Independent Social Worker.  Avocet’s unique approval system ensures that our Independent Social Workers are appropriately qualified, have up to date CRB certificates and are experienced in the field of work you require.

Register today to ensure you benefit from Avocet’s experience!


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