The Reality of TV

Posted on September 13th, 2010

Coronation Street currently has a story line that involves a young child, Becky’s nephew Max being taken in to care and placed with a foster carer.   As I understand the soap intends to cover the story of the care proceedings and a Children’s Guardian has already been appointed!  There seems to have been an accurate portrayal of the Children’s Guardian’s role in so far as she has clarified that she is on the child’s ‘side’.  It will be interesting to see how the proceedings are conducted in tonight’s episodes the first of which starts at 19:30 and the second at 20:30.

TV soaps and dramas often have story lines that include state intervention where a child is concerned and the portrayal of Social Workers varies; for instance one visiting a home in Hollyoaks is unlikely to be given the same credentials as one going in to the house of a client on Shameless (the watershed plays a part in there too)!!

What the Social Work profession needs at the moment is some good press and real positivity and I don’t mean glossing over the realities.   It would be great to see Coronation Street give a fair and balanced portrayal of legal proceedings that are frequently the subject of great intrigue and media and public speculation.   And I am interested to see if an Independent Social Worker is required to undertake an assessment of either Max’s mother or Becky and Steve.

Watch this space…


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