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Foster Carer Assessment

What is a Foster Carer Form F Assessment?

A BAAF Form F is an assessment tool used by Local Authorities, Independent Fostering agencies and fostering Social Workers to assess prospective foster carers. The Form F covers all of the areas that must be considered during the foster carer assessment process and provides a standardised way of collecting, analysing and presenting information.

When is a Foster Carer Form F Assessment necessary?

Local Authorities or Independent Fostering Agencies are required by law to carry out a full assessment of all foster carer applicants before approving them as foster carers.

What is the process?

Avocet's Independent Social Workers will work in accordance with each Local Authority or Independent Fostering Agency’s own standardised templates.

Our Independent Social Worker will aim to meet with the prospective foster carer 6 – 8 times. These meetings will include individual interviews as well as joint interviews if the carers are a couple.  If the prospective foster carer has any children then they will be spoken to on their own to ascertain their views about fostering.  Referees will be contacted and a health and safety check will be carried out on the home.

Avocet's Independent Social Worker will write up the Form F Assessment and provide a well thought out analysis and sound recommendations.

If the Independent Social Worker's recommendation is approval as a foster carer then they will be available to attend the decision making panel.


An Avocet Foster Carer Form F Assessment takes 4 months to complete.

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